The World as we Know it is Changing… Raindrop will help you Spread the Light


Uplift & Inspire

Reach the Unreachable

Only 22% of US adults use Twitter. While roughly 259 million people in the U.S. (81% of the population) are texters. It’s no surprise that texting is the most used function on a smartphone. (Intelligent Contacts).  Even older adults with a flip phone can receive and send texts.

Receive Donations

Receive donations of any amount with a custom donation link that’s tied to your keyword.  Measure donation effectiveness in real time with sent outgoing text messages. 

Link Websites

Insert any website link utilizing our built-in tinyurl generator.

Text Daily Bible Verses

Feed your flock with daily Bible verses.  This is a proven way to get daily bread into worshippers hands.  Because no one can ever get enough spiritual food.

Send Urgent Prayer Requests

98% of texts are read, and within 90 seconds on average.  Compare this to email which has a 20% read rate, with 3 days on average before read.  Texting enables you to send urgent prayer requests, or other time sensitive and relevant warnings or directives.

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