Under Our Umbrella

Text Messaging

Staying Up-to-date

News Updates, coupons, and calls-to-action can be sent out at lightning speeds.  98% of texts are read — texts aren’t overlooked like emails.

Event Updates

Send reminders, ticket sales links, in-event updates and promotions.

Voters and Volunteers

Organizations can text out updates on event locations and times, polling locations, and Get-out-the-Vote reminders.

Quick Counters

Texts can refute misinformation as soon as it’s spread.

Text Polling


Organizations can poll followers and send targeted texts to respondents.

Meeting votes

Organizations can poll members during meetings, calculate results in real-time, and project the results on a screen

Polling Constituents

Candidates can use web polling to get detailed feedback from constituents on specific bills, engaging them in the legislative process.

Text Fundraising

Easy donation

Any dollar amount.  Custom donation links for every keyword.  This increases the number of small-dollar donations and engaged supporters.

Live event donation

Gives attendees a direct shortcut to donate when the emotion of the event is at its peak.