Frequently Asked Questions

Do you supply phone numbers?

—No. It’s illegal to just blast text messages to a list of numbers.  Individuals have to ‘opt-in’ to receive messages.

How do I get people to opt-in?

—As texting experts, we help you.  We have multiple methods for gaining subscribers, including polling, advertising, incentivizing, and more. Read our case studies for examples:

Will I be bugging people by texting them?

—No!  SMS text messaging is 100% opt-in based, which means users choose to receive messages.  In the initial message they are provided instructions on how to opt-out, as well as a notice about how many messages they can expect to receive.  So there are no surprises.  People know what they are getting!

How do I know what to text?

—We give you best practices to follow, but we also have our Raindrop Managed Services Plan 

Will I really raise money via text?

—-Yes! The most effective way is via live events, but we have various other strategies as well.  We have a built-in fundraising guarantee also. See our Text Fundraising case study for an example:

What about FEC regulations for donations?

—-For campaigns, our donation page automatically caps individual donations at the federal limit.  Necessary data such as citizenship and occupation are also captured.

What are the legal requirements with shortcode texting?

—We strictly adhere to the CTIA Short Code Monitoring Handbook found here:


Can I cancel my service anytime?

—Yes, the service is month-to-month.