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We connect you with your supporters and volunteers in ways that have been impossible, until now. Text messages are read and answered in under 3 minutes. That is instant connection!


We help you focus your message to specific segments of your supporters with two polling types and targeted texting so that your message will always be right on target. Engage your supporters with the issues they care about the most.


We have developed winning strategies, through our state-of-the-art texting technology, to assist you in growing your membership, organizing your volunteers and expanding current fundraising capabilities. Double or triple your reach in half the time.


We can help you keep all your volunteers informed and ready to lend a hand right when you need them. Our texting tool set makes it easy to involve, educate and engage your team like never before.

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We specifically worked to create a competitive technology company, based on conservative ideals, to support grassroots organizations in achieving all their goals to organize volunteers, increase their base of supporters, keep everyone informed, and help them fundraise so they can achieve their organizational goals.

We do all of this, and more, with our cutting edge mobile text messaging platform specifically designed for this purpose.



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We believe that if America is to be saved it will be from individuals who unite their voices together to stand up for our founding principles of God, Family, and Country.













Raindrop’s texting tools are a dynamic way to inform and connect with supporters or event attendees. We especially loved how easy it was to do raffles or giveaways through their texting system.

Mike and his team excel at customer service; they intentionally provide conscientious and helpful tips if we ever have a question.

We’ve loved using Raindrop!

Dawn Hawkins

Executive Director, National Center on Sexual Exploitation

What we were able to accomplish through the utilization of Raindrop’s texting platform, was nothing short of amazing. An integral part of our plan required us to contact, organize, and stay engaged with a few thousand individuals, and we needed to do this in a short period of time. Raindrop’s easy-to-use tools and top notch customer service turned this daunting task into a reality.

The texting tool allowed us to inform the delegates of vital information at the very moment they needed it. The polling tool allowed us to get actionable information back from them. Everything worked seamlessly.

Standing up to Establishment policies and procedures that were designed with the intent to silence our voice at the convention wasn’t easy, but it wouldn’t have been possible without the use of Raindrop Technologies.

Dane Waters

Director, Delegates Unbound

I am extremely impressed and satisfied with how simple it is to stay in contact with my Precinct Chairs. As the Salt Lake County GOP Chairwoman, it is important to communicate quickly and effectively with all of the Precinct Chairs. I was able to motivate a majority of the Chairs to opt-in, making communication and feedback as simple as a click of a mouse.

Raindrop Technologies is a game changer!

Suzanne Mulet

Chairwoman, Salt Lake County Republican Party

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