How it Works




Having a strategic plan is the first step to a successful texting campaign

  • Choose relevant Keyword(s)
  • Plan the Messaging and Frequency of Texts
  • Create Promotional Strategy for Opting-in People

Make it known far and wide that you use texting

    • Advertise Keyword on all Print Materials, Website, & Social Sites
    • Import Mobile Numbers to send Confirmation Text
    • Email Supporters on How to Opt-in
    • For Live Events: Ask Attendees to Text Keyword and Opt-in via On-Stage Request, Signage, and Registration Desk
    • Have People Opt-in by taking a Poll or Making a Donation

Tweet with opt-in meme

Signage to Opt-in at a conference

Opt-in widget for campaign website

Live event Poll

Invitation to text at the end of a campaign video

Business card advertising keyword

Engaging supporters is key to success

  • Texts should be Frequent and have a Consistent Message
  • Polls and Updates should be Timely and Relevant
  • Utilize Contests and Giveaways