How Often Should I Send a Text to My Subscribers?

This post was inspired by a question that customers ask most often, “How many text messages should I send?” The answer is varied depending upon the type of business or organization you have, but here are some general suggestions:

Message Count

You may remember that during your training, we talked about setting up the message count your subscribers expect to recieve. The default on this setting is 4 text per week. But you may want to send more, or fewer texts, depending on how you use texting in your organization. Just remember that you should not send more texts than you have specified.

Here is something to think about…

You message count number matters! If you tell your subscribers that you will text them 4 times a week and you only text them once a month, that is sort of a let down for them because they want to hear from you! If they didn’t, they wouldn’t have opted in in the first place. They are expecting you to text them 4 times a week. They want to hear from you! So realize that your opt out rate could be affetd by too many texts, _but it could also be affected by too few texts as well. _ Don’t let your subscribers down, send them a text!

Just remember the “Goldilocks Rule” when setting up your message count – you want it to be “just right,” not too few, or too many. If you need to change your message count, just give me a call, or better yet, send me a text!

Rule of Thumb

We have a rule of thumb when it comes to how often you should send a text;

We feel like the minimum should be once a week, based on research and studies the industry does from time to time. Subscribers should be reminded about you at least weekly. Also, remember that your subscribers are opted in because they support you and want to be involved, so give them some sort of “call to action” that will help them feel useful. If you don’t they won’t feel like you need them and that could cause you to lose their support. During the month you will want to do each of the following:
▪ Remind them of important events coming up
▪ Send them help information that they can share on social media
▪ Give them something to do to be involved
▪ Ask for a donation

If you do one of these four things once a week, you will be maximizing your use of text messaging for your organization. Again, call me if you need to rethink and change your message count, I will be happy to help you.

6 Month Rule

You have worked hard to get subscribers! Don’t let them go to “Spam!” Did you know that the FCC considers it Spam if you don’t text your subscribers at least once every 6 months, even if they have opted in? You heard me right! If you haven’t sent a text in 6 months, and then all of a sudden decide to send a text, it could be reported to the FCC as Spam! Yikes! So dont let all of your hard work getting subscribers go to waste, send them a text often! If you haven’t sent a text in 6 months for some reason, don’t worry, all you need to do is to send them a text to remind them that they are opted in to recieve texts from you and ask them to opt out if they have changed their mind. But who wants to do that?

Scheduled Texts

We have made it easier than ever to send your text messages! Did you know that we now have a scheduled text feature on the dashboard? We do! Now you can spend one hour or less typing out your texts for the whole month. All you have to do is seclect the date you want the text to be sent out and then click the send button. Your text will go out automatically at noon MST on the date you selected. Cool, right?

What are you waiting for? If you are a current client, go login and schedule your texts for next week!  If you are not a client yet, contact Mike at 801-390-0058 to get started today.