• Do you have a large base of volunteers, but you don’t quite know how to organize them?
  • Do you have enough volunteers show up consistently?
  • Do you take full advantage of their help when they show up?
  • Do you make it fun to volunteer?

If you answered “No” to any of these questions then it is very possible that you are not effectively using StromFront to manage your volunteers. Don’t worry, this email will help you get your volunteers organized and running like a well oiled machine in no time!

StormFront has all the features you need to help:
Organize Your Volunteers

Volunteers are more willing to help you if you give them tasks that they like to do. But sometimes it is difficult to find out what people like to do and match them to a task in your organization.

There is a simple solution for this: give them the ability to select their tasks wherever possible. Post your areas of need on your website, or social media page. With each area also include a keyword they can use to opt-in to help in that area. For example: If I want to help with events I could opt-in to help with events by texting ACMEEvents to 53445. The event coordinator will be able to look at all the people who opted-in to help with events on the subscriber list. Since they opted-in to receive a text message, you now have their phone number so you can call them for a personalized touch. AND you can send a second text message, directing them to fill out a more detailed form on your website to capture more information about them.

Invite Volunteers to Show Up

Now that you have their phone number and contact information you are able to send them text messages specific to the event you are working on. If you need people to show up who can help make signs or set up chairs, you just send a targeted text message to those people who are interested in doing the specific jobs you need. And because the message is personal and relevant you will have more people show up! Isn’t that easy?

Tell Volunteers What You Need

Volunteers are more likely to remain loyal to you if you help them to understand what you need and why. In short, they need training! But far too often this training never happens because new volunteers can easily fall through the cracks.

An easy way to prevent this and to keep your volunteers up to speed and on track is through regular communication about your organization and training through text messages that send them relevant links to training materials, articles, and the expectations of your organization.

You can set these text messages to come out on a schedule so that no one is overlooked again!

Make it Fun

Last but not least, MAKE IT FUN! You will lose volunteers fast if you don’t make it fun, and StormFront has the perfect tools to make volunteering fun!

  • Run contests and giveaways for your volunteers.
  • Send out text messages highlighting outstanding volunteers.
  • Poll your volunteers on what they would like to see you do for them next time.

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