Have you ever jusRaining-Moneyt wished it would rain down money for your organization?

One of the biggest challenges of grassroots organizations is coming up with the funds that will take care of the needs, let alone, the wants! It seems there is always a lack of funding for what needs to be done. What if you could change that?

If your organization is not generating donation every week through StormFront, you are leaving money your organization needs in the pockets of your donors!

And now mobile donating is easier than ever!

Announcing Social Media Sign-up!

Your users can now create an account for donations through their social media accounts! Once they log in with their Facebook, Google+, or Twitter accounts, a donation to your organization is just two clicks away!

Remember: you cannot get donations if your members are not opted in first. (See last week’s article for opt-in strategies.)

Invite Them!

Invite your users to donate at least once a month through a text message.

At your next meeting or event, talk about how easy and safe it is to donate from their mobile device. Note: You may even what to demonstrate it to the group from your own cell phone.

Next, you’ll want to reinforce the idea of mobile giving every chance you get!

On your StormFront Dashboard you will find your donation link. Be sure to use this link on all your communications with your members; emails, website, and social media posts to get them familiar with the idea of mobile giving.

After laying the ground work, all you need to do is to ask! Send a text message at least once a month with your donation link asking for your members to help fund your organization.

Before you know it, you will have the funding to cover all your needs, and maybe even some of those wants! Booyah!

Text StormFront to 53445 for a FREE Demo on how it works!